Since GCO’s victory in the Georgia Court of Appeals, it has been difficult keeping up with posting the news articles. Here are several from the last few days.

Court of Appeals Rejects County’s Firearms Ordinance?Fayette Citizen, December 6, 2007

Coweta Ruling Bodes Ill for Ban on Guns in Parks Athens Banner Herald, December 7, 2007

Thompson: Looking at the World through a Gun Sight?Athens Banner Herald, December 9, 2007 – In this opinion piece, Thompson implies that we are all paranoid and delusional for thinking that we might be the victim of a criminal attack in a park.??Thompson states, “, a gun-rights group claiming several hundred members, is working – successfully, as it turns out – to force its sad vision of how people should have to live on a number of communities, including Athens-Clarke County.” Forcing our vision?? I thought it was the gun banners who wanted to put people in jail for carrying firearms?in parks. Is anybody proposing jailing people for not carrying a firearm?? Which side is “forcing” its vision on the other?