Lawmakers Feel Georgia’s Gun Laws Are Too Restrictive

Fox 5 News ran a story on December 30, 2007, regarding Rep. Bearden’s bill.  You may watch it here.  Rep. Benfield declares that HB 915 will endanger police officers, to which GCO must ask a question.  Why does she believe that we, the people licensed by the state of Georgia to carry concealed weapons, are no danger to police officers while in McDonalds, but we are suddenly a danger to police officers while in Pizza Hut?

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2 Responses to “Lawmakers Feel Georgia’s Gun Laws Are Too Restrictive”

  1. servant Says:


    A bill of mine that I agreed to combine into an omnibus bill with Rep. Bearden passed the senate and, because it was amended there, will return to the House for a final vote.

    SECTION 4 of the omnibus bill is what I wrote for constituents SICK & TIRED of delays at PROBATE COURTS in getting a FIREARMS LICENSE.

    While I didn’t leap for joy at some of the weanie senate language in the “parking lot” portion of this bill, Bearden told me it was the ONLY way PERDUE would sign it. BERADEN deserves a hand, folks!

    “A Public Servant”

  2. Douva Says:

    Anyone concerned with preserving gun rights in Georgia needs to check this out ASAP: