GCO Member Settles Case With Carroll County Probate Court

A GCO member has settled a long-standing case in federal court against the Carroll County Probate Court.  The first-ever case challenging the request for SSNs from GFL applicants resulted in an earlier settlement with the Georgia Department of Public Safety and a permanent change in the GFL application form (SSNs are no longer requested on the form, even optionally).  In the settlement with the probate judge, Judge Betty B. Cason agreed not to request SSNs at all, represented that she purged all SSNs from her GFL application records, and agreed to pay $52,500 in costs and attorney’s fees.  A copy of the settlement agreement can be viewed here.


One Response to “GCO Member Settles Case With Carroll County Probate Court”

  1. ICP Juggalo Says:

    Wow! What a great victory for GFL applicants and renewals. GCO is definately in the business of kicking ass and taking names. Now, who is next on the list…