News on HB 257

We thought you would be interested in reading two news items just released.

(1) Another gunfight may be brewing in the Senate

Alice Johnson, the lobbyist representing Georgians for Gun Safety, smells a gunfight in the air.

She notes this morning that the Senate Rules Committee has put H.B. 257 on today’s calendar.

The bill adds constables to the list of law enforcement and judicial personnel permitted to pack heat in public buildings.

“The bill opens up the ‘public gathering’ section of the Georgia firearms code, and is a likely vehicle for language previously proposed by Rep. Tim Bearden in H.B. 89 and H.B. 915,” Johnson reports.

Sen. Mitch Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) asked for the bill last night, which makes it likely he would act as floor director for any amendments.

Parks have been the main target for those looking to lengthen the list of places where permitted owners can carry concealed.

The question is whether the National Rifle Association has any voice left in the Senate willing to re-start the fight over the right of employees to keep weapons in their cars parked on company lots.

GCO says anything that has Alice upset must be good for GCO.

(2) Giving Gunowners the Right to Carry Concealed on MARTA

Today’s coming gunfight in the Senate could get interesting.

We’re hearing the deal that’s been cut on amendments to H.B. 257 would allow those with the proper permits to carry concealed in restaurants — even those that serve alcohol — and on MARTA.

One scenario theorizes that, once the bill is sent back to the House for its decision on whether to agree or disagree, the NRA-backed portion to allow employees to keep guns in cars parked on company lots will again be added.

But we’re hearing that one Senate Democrat, J.B. Powell of Blythe, will offer an amendment to that effect on the Senate floor, to ensure that the fireworks start that much earlier.

Remember the MARTA bus stop robbery and shooting Monday morning?  Why have a law that does not effect crime but disarms GCO members?  GCO expects this to be good news for 2008!


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