Court Finds Atlanta’s Parks Ban Illegal

On May 9, 2008, Chief Judge Doris Downs of the Fulton County Superior Court granted GCO’s motion to find the City of Atlanta’s ban on carrying firearms in parks preempted by state law.  Judge Downs issued an injunction on May 19, 2008, ordering the city not to enforce its ordinance.  In the same case, Judge Downs dismissed GCO’s claims against Roswell and Sandy Springs, finding the claims moot after Roswell and Sandy Springs changed their ordinances from banning carrying in parks to banning carrying to a public gathering.  The orders in the case may be viewed here.


3 Responses to “Court Finds Atlanta’s Parks Ban Illegal”

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    […] Now the sad part, Atlanta tax payers will once again be forced to foot the bill as Mayor Franklin tries to defend her version of the law which directly conflicts with the real law which is now in effect. It almost makes me wish I could side step a few laws with my own decree and force Shreakin’ Shirley to foot the bill for the defense of her illusions with her own personal funds. […]

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    […] Mayor Franklin forgotten about her recent loss in court to GCO, back in […]

  3. bowzonly Says:

    I think Franklin’s time in office is short lived. If just the people she’s “let go” vote against her she’ll lose. She’s doing everything she can to take attention away from her stupidity of spending millions on her office renovations and furniture, and various mismanagement of city funds. Thank you GCO for seeing thru her transparent efforts.