GCO Files Airport Brief on Appeal

GCO has filed its brief in support of its appeal in the Atlanta Airport gun case.  GCO sued Atlanta in federal district court because of Atlanta’s threats to arrest people lawfully carrying firearms in the Atlanta Airport.  The district court granted Atlanta’s motion for judgment on the pleadings, finding that GCO had not introduced sufficient evidence that HB 89 (which decriminalized carrying firearms “on public transportation” for GFL holders) applies to airports (overlooking the fact that a party is neither permitted nor required to introduce evidence in opposition to a motion for judgment on the pleadings).  GCO has appealed the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.  A copy of the brief may be viewed here.


3 Responses to “GCO Files Airport Brief on Appeal”

  1. rmodel65 Says:

    Nice, this time around will be the last 🙂

  2. imolaavant Says:

    The TSA, the Hartsfield airport itself and individual carriers have rules regarding flying with firearms in checked luggage. I intend to travel from ATL with a firearm in my checked baggage in March. Will following the TSA, airport and carrier rules result in me being arrested when I check in?

  3. Gunstar1 Says:


    You should be ok if you follow everyones guidlines.

    This lawsuit about the airport saying those that carry a loaded pistol on their property will be arrested. If you follow the firearm transportation law you have to carry it unloaded and locked in a case which the airport has said they are ok with.

    So you can carry a gun packed up in your luggage, but the person dropping you off at the airport cannot have a loaded firearm for protection when they are dropping you off.