GCO Settles Man with a Gun Lawsuit

GCO settled the federal lawsuit in Richmond County involving Staff Sergeant Zachary Mead, who had his firearm seized while carrying it openly outside Kroger. Richmond County consented to an Order declaring the seizure to be a violation of the Fourth Amendment, paying damages, court costs, and attorney fees. More importantly, Richmond County has assured GCO that it has no policy of detaining Georgians merely for carrying a firearm. You may view the Order here.


4 Responses to “GCO Settles Man with a Gun Lawsuit”

  1. mls4506 Says:

    Excellent work gentlemen

  2. Open Carry Lawsuit Win in Georgia « John Jacob H’s RKBA Commentary Says:

    […] to Complete Details: georgiacarry.org/cms/2008/12/10/gco-settles-man-with-a-gun-lawsuit/ Published […]

  3. imperialCEO Says:

    This is really great to read. I just got arrested on Dec. 27th for the samething at Discover Mills Mall in Gwinnett County. I hope someone can give me some advice with my case. As a GCO member and a Veteran I have a valid GFL and my gun was taken from me and I was arrested for tresspassing because I was at a public gathering(ie: MALL)

  4. Fourth and Second Amendment at one time « Daily Freedom Watch Says:

    […] It seems from numerous court cases in the U.S. that police departments are using “disorderly conduct” charges as a way to punish law abiding citizens for exercising their legal right to carry a firearm. A recent federal district court case in Georgia had Zachary Nelson Mead suing Sheriff’s Deputy Tatum Townsend of Richmond County for a violation of his civil rights in an almost identical case. The judge ruled against the sheriff’s deputy and acknowledged that Mr. Mead’s Fourth Amendment rights had been violated. […]