GCO Files Reply Brief in Airport Case

GCO has filed its reply brief in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for its appeal of its case against the City of Atlanta for illegally threatening to arrest GFL holders for carrying firearms in the unsecured areas of the Airport. All the briefs in the case can be read here.


3 Responses to “GCO Files Reply Brief in Airport Case”

  1. larryg2 Says:

    I find it disconcerting that a small group of “public servants” and a few opinionated organizations with self serving purposes could attempt to force their personal opinions on the citizens of this state. Our mayor and her gang choose to ignore our federal and our states acts of law and the intentions of the 2nd Amendment in forcing their unsupported and personal preferences on our population. The Shirley Franklin gang will eventually discover that they do not dictate law and are not free to interpret it to their own ends. The audacity of this travesty and the expense associated with it should be construed as spit in the face of this state’s lawmakers, legal system and it’s citizens!!! Thank God organizations like GeorgiaCarry exist to prevent this type of totalitarian effort and those who believe their personal desires should overrule the “will of the people”. Shame on you, Shirley Franklin!!

    Larry Guarcello – Bulldawg

  2. motojeff Says:

    The reply brief by Attorney John Monroe is very impressive.

  3. rbstern Says:

    Well done, Mr. Monroe. Clearly and logically argued.