State Responds in Church Carry Appeal

The State of Georgia and other appellees have responded to GCO’s appeal in GCO’s case challenging the state ban on carrying firearms in places of worship. The briefs may be viewed here.


2 Responses to “State Responds in Church Carry Appeal”

  1. Grond123 Says:

    I’m confused. The court’s response seems to be that licensed gun owners can already carry properly secured firearms at places of worship, provided the “owner” allows it.

    “The challenged Statute is not the “ban” Plaintiffs argue it to be. It prohibits
    licensed weapon carriers from engaging in only two actions at places of worship: (1) they cannot carry a firearm into a place of worship that does not consent to that carriage; and (2) in a consenting place of worship, they cannot carry a firearm in an unsecured manner.”

    As I read the law the ban on firearms in places of worship is absolute except for law enforcement:

    116-11-127(b) A person shall be guilty of carrying a weapon or long gun in an unauthorized location and punished as for a misdemeanor when he or she carries a weapon or long gun while:
    (1) In a government building;
    (2) In a courthouse;
    (3) In a jail or prison;
    (4) In a place of worship;

    Which is it?

  2. Mrs_Esterhouse Says:

    It’s all, 1-4.