Court Rejects Criminal Charges For Carrying At Gun Show

The State Court of Clayton County has issued a directed verdict of acquittal in a case where a GWL holder was charged with carrying a gun to a gun show. The state charged Jeff Leising with carrying in an unauthorized location, criminal trespass, and reckless conduct based on allegations that Leising, a GWL holder, carried a loaded gun while at a Gun Runners show at the state Farmers Market in Forest Park. After the state rested in the jury trial on the case, Lesing moved for a directed verdict on all counts. After discussion with counsel, the judge agreed that under the evidence introduced, Leising could not be convicted. Included in the court’s ruling were a couple noteworthy findings, including 1) a GWL holder can carry in a government building, even if there is security screening, unless he is notified he fails to clear security and fails to leave.; and 2) private entities leasing public property have no power to ban GWL holders from carrying firearms on the property. A transcript of the directed verdict portion of the trial may be found here.

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2 Responses to “Court Rejects Criminal Charges For Carrying At Gun Show”

  1. PCobb Says:

    I proudly read this article especially after the sad news from Floyd County.
    Never the less recently in Marietta, Cobb Cty at the Gun Show it was also PROHIBITED to carry although it is supposedly a government building…. wondering why GA Carry even show presence at such controversy places?!

  2. GenEarly Says:

    The “mentality” of some GA Prosecutors is clearly evident in this case. Once the new law took effect in July any competent or honest Prosecutor would have dropped the case prior to trial.
    Even when “winning” the citizen bears the cost of legal defense while the Prosecutor lives off the fat of the land and bearing no responsibility for their irresponsible and vindictive anti-gun actions.