As many of you know, GCO is sponsoring litigation against the Coweta County Probate Judge over the “60-day issue.” Many probate courts, including Coweta County’s, routinely take longer than the 60 days allowed by statute to issue Georgia Firearms Licenses. We sued to require issuance within 60 days. While we lost in Superior Court, we are hoping to appeal this case to the Georgia Court of Appeals. If we win this case on appeal, the ruling will have state-wide effect and work to everyone’s benefit.
So far, the plaintiff in the case has funded all the court costs, including some of the court costs on appeal. But, we need help raising the rest of the $300 needed to cover court costs. Many of you already have contributed, which we greatly appreciate.
Donations must be received by September 15 in order for the case to go forward.
UPDATE We have reached our goal. Thanks to the many people who contributed to this important cause.