Appeals Court Denies Reconsideration; GCO Intends to Seek Supreme Court Review

The Court of Appeals of Georgia has denied a GCO member’s motion for reconsideration of its decision that probate judges, though required to issue GFLs within 60 days of application, may wait indefinitely to issue GFLs. The documents may be viewed here:


One Response to “Appeals Court Denies Reconsideration; GCO Intends to Seek Supreme Court Review”

  1. shamalama Says:

    From the Court of Appeals Opinion, “Moore argues that [i]f the probate judge does not
    hear from local law enforcement within 50 days, [he or] she can (and must) assume that no derogatory information has been found[,] and issue the license. We disagree.”

    I understand the Court having the fear that, due to the inherent inefficiencies of government bureaucracy, someone otherwise not allowed to have a license could end up getting one just because the reporting agency didn’t have enough time to properly process the applicant’s information. None of us want a drug dealer or felon to have a legal carry license.

    BUT this ruling could become a very slippery slope, with government bodies purposely dragging their feet and returning to a de facto “can issue” situation.

    For what it’s worth, today is Day 42 in my wait to get a concealed weapons license through Rockdale County, a license they “threatened” could take 16 weeks.

    Thank you GCO for your continued efforts to help us “little guys” keep our rights as law-abiding citizens.