GCO Files Motion for Summary Judgment in MARTA Case

In its federal lawsuit against MARTA for detaining people seen carrying firearms and violating the Privacy Act, GCO has filed a motion for summary judgment on the Privacy Act portion of the case.  MARTA officials have admitted that they asked for GCO member Christopher Raissi’s social security number without telling him 1) whether disclosure was mandatory or voluntary, 2) by what statutory or other authority the number was requested, and 3) what uses would be made of it.  MARTA also has produced documents showing that it has stored Raissi’s wrongfully collected SSN in at least four different places within MARTA’s records.  A copy of the brief may be viewed here.


One Response to “GCO Files Motion for Summary Judgment in MARTA Case”

  1. Securus Transportos Says:

    Another incredibly poor example of Beverly Scott’s managment ability. Now all participants of the Marta system will unwillingly (those of use that belong to GCO may not mind as much) have to pay for this. When will we finally fire this poor excuse for the leader of a system that gets more and more in trouble financially everyday as a result of the same mindset!