GCO Member Moves for Reconsideration

In his federal lawsuit over being arrested for carrying a concealed weapon (openly, with a GFL), GCO member Luke Woodard has filed a motion for reconsideration of the court’s order on both parties’ motions for summary judgment.  The motion addresses the fact that the court applied the defendant officers’ “qualified immunity” to Woodard’s arrest for carrying a concealed weapon, even though the court found there was no probable cause (or even “arguable probable cause”) for the arrest.  While a person normally suffers the same damages for being arrested no matter how many charges are brought, this case is unique in that the carrying a concealed weapon charge resulted in Woodard losing his GFL, something that would not have happened from a disorderly conduct arrest alone.  The latter charge is one that the court said the officers’ lacked probable cause for, but that they did have “arguable probable cause” and thus were entitled to qualified immunity on this arrest.  The brief in support of Woodard’s motion can be viewed here.


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