MARTA Opposes Summary Judgment

In GCO’s federal lawsuit against MARTA for violations of the Privacy Act and detaining a member for carrying a firearm, MARTA has opposed GCO’s privacy act motion for summary judgment on the grounds that MARTA is not a “governmental agency” for purposes of the privacy act.  MARTA also has filed its own motion for summary judgment seeking dismissal of the privacy act claim on the same grounds.  The documents may be viewed here.


2 Responses to “MARTA Opposes Summary Judgment”

  1. bmccutcheon Says:

    I would like to know how the MARTA Police can run GCIC Background checks and be authorized powers of arrest without being affiliated with a government agency? Doe this mean that I can start my own neighborhood police dept and arrest and detain individuals at will without fear of prosecution?

    Probably not….

  2. Securus Transportos Says:

    There are some very interesting statements by Marta’s attorney that will most likely, and should be, used to withhold any future federal, state, county or city contributions to Marta.

    Another brilliant move by Beverly “The Bus”!