GCO Files Second Motion Against Atlanta in Parks Case

In GCO’s Fulton County Superior Court lawsuit against the City of Atlanta over Atlanta’s ordinance banning the carrying of firearms in parks, GCO has filed a second motion for summary judgment against Atlanta.  GCO prevailed on its first motion in May 2008, when the court ordered Atlanta not to enforce the ordinance.  When the court then terminated the case, GCO appealed, and the Court of Appeals of Georgia determined that the case should not have been ended.  Now that the case has been revived in the superior court, GCO has filed a motion for a permanent injunction against Atlanta, and an injunction requiring Atlanta to change its signs and web site (and other public communications) to stop implying to the public that firearms are not allowed in parks.  GCO also asks the court to find that Atlanta violated GCO members’ civil rights by depriving them of a portion of the value of their GFLs without due process.  The documents in the case may be viewed here.


2 Responses to “GCO Files Second Motion Against Atlanta in Parks Case”

  1. jdcollins78 Says:

    How should one go about challenging a “no guns” policy in a city park. I live in Milledgeville and the River Walk park along the Oconee River has rules posted and included is a “no firearms” rule. I am sure that will keep the rapists away.

  2. Gunstar1 Says:


    If it is a city ordinance then you need to contact your Mayor and/or rep on the city councel and let them know the ordinance is against the law and they need to repeal it.

    If it is just a park rule, then let them know they need to tell the park manager to get rid of that rule.